Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Set - 15/17/19/21-inch

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The Zildjian K Sweet cymbal pack is an ideal complement to drummers who prefer cymbals with a warm and rich tone that never overpowers. Comprising a pair of 15-inch hi-hats, 17-inch and 19-inch crash cymbals with unlathed bells, and a medium-weight 21-inch ride, the Zildjian K Sweet cymbal pack covers all the basics and is suitable for any genre, from jazz and progressive rock to R&B and metal. Drummers love the versatility of Zildjian K Sweet cymbals. On stage and in the studio, Zildjian K Sweet cymbals deliver!



Tech Specs

  • Series: K Zildjian Sweet Cymbal Set
  • Hi Hats: 15" Thin Top/Extra Heavy Bottom Hi-hats
  • Crash 1 : 17" Extra Thin Crash
  • Crash 2 : 19" Extra Thin Crash
  • Ride: 21" Medium Ride
  • Material: B20
  • Manufacturer Part Number: KS5791