Rusty Clutts is no stranger to music or the music business. Music has been a never-ending lifelong dream.  At the age of 10 he recorded his first album and has never looked back. He has toured and recorded with many bands through the years and continues to this day. But he is best known in the Paducah area for starting Unga Bunga Music. In 1988 he started his journey working for Music World in Anna Illinois. It wasn't long before he managed his own branch of Music World in his hometown of Paducah Kentucky. It was an awesome start. But it didn't take long for him to decide he wanted to own his own Store. In 1990 Unga Bunga Music was born. Starting in a small 1500 square foot storefront the caveman was born. The business grew very quickly. Which meant moving to several larger locations to accommodate the demand. Through the next 28 years Rusty and Unga Bunga have been recognized by NAMM (National association of Music Merchants). Twice as a Top 100 Dealer in the world. Also used by the NAMM in their museum display 'Mom and Pop to Big Box". Where Unga Bunga represented 'Mom and Pop' stores and Sweetwater represented 'Big Box" stores. With all that being said, Rusty will bring over 40 years experience and knowledge to Ground Zero Guitars and its customers..


Cory Harrison founded Ground Zero Guitars in 2021 due to chasing his dream of owning an audio superstore that has instruments, pro gear, and home audio, all under one roof.  The journey went from IASCA competitions with car audio, to electrical engineering school while trying to be a concert venue designer, to being the owner of Paducah Home Theater, which has been one of the top resellers worldwide in certain home audio categories.  PHT was the top Klipsch Cornwall IV dealer in 2021, the top Klipsch Jubilee residential dealer for several years running, and is one of the top ten Parasound dealers.  He plans to leverage his love for small business and all things audio in order to grow Ground Zero into something special for this area.  


Rob Durrett is who handles our advanced repairs, has been our business coach in the background, and his daughter Ali worked as an intern. Rob knows a thing or two about this scene, he was the co-owner of Rob Wave Guitars and builds everything from scratch out of chunks of wood including the bass pictured here. He can hand craft a beautiful neck out of nothing but a band saw and an air sander. His work is well known locally but he has shipped 100% hand made 1-off custom guitars all over the country and has worked with top artists. He was particularly well known for his electric upright bass models.