Zildjian 10 inch S Series Splash Cymbal

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Add some punchy accents to your grooves with the 10" Zildjian S splash cymbal. The fast, bright, and penetrating S-series splash has a fast choke for metal and Latin music with a full midrange that won't get lost in a mix. Though it sells at an entry-level price, The Zildjian splash is made from real Zildjian bronze for a sound that pros and intermediate players alike will have no trouble incorporating into their setups.



Tech Specs

  • Type: Splash
  • Size: 10"
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Material: B12
  • Pitch: High
  • Sound: Bright
  • Sustain: Short
  • Volume: General
  • Manufacturer Part Number: S10S