Stringjoy Broadways | Heavy Bottom Super Light Gauge (9-46) Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

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At Stringjoy, gauges are like our children. We love them all equally. But, like Orwell said, some are more equal than others. Our Heavy Bottom Super Light Broadways are some of the most equal of all of them.

The incredible flexibility of our Broadway wounds means that this set gives you loads of playability, and full, warm tonality. We’d recommend it to anyone, so if you’re reading this, then we’d definitely recommend them to you.

If you’ve ever played Pure Nickel strings before, these strings have even more nickel in them than the strings you’ve played in the past. That means more of that rich, full tonal character. It also means more flexibility, since the round core is thinner than it is in other sets. But these don’t sacrifice when it comes to strength or durability either, and they hold tune with the best of ’em.


Gauges: .009 – .011 – .015 – .026w – .036 – .046