Sabian 16 inch Stratus Crash Cymbal

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Sabian’s Stratus series of cymbals offers the modern drummer a clear, articulate B20 bronze solution for delivering rhythms with a lasting impact and stunning good looks. Courtesy of an extra-heavy hammering protocol, Sabian forges each Stratus cymbal to execute a professional-grade wash of warmth and clarity with the performance versatility to thrive in virtually any musical setting. This 16-inch crash cymbal is a fast-acting effect laden with deeper tones and high-impact energy. Thanks to its thinner construction, sustain gets out of the way quickly, resulting in a perfect bronze crash response for modern mixes. From precision tracking of your kit in a studio setting to sounding your very best on the drum riser, drummers champion Sabian’s Stratus series as a dependable bronze go-to!


Tech Specs

  • Type: Crash
  • Size: 16"
  • Weight: Thin
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Finish: High-impact Hammering
  • Sound: Lower Tone, Explosive Attack
  • Sustain: Short