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Monster Prolink Studio Pro 2000 Microphone Cable - 5 foot

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If you demand precision response, noise-free operation, and a controlled frequency response from all of your high-end studio gear, then why would you expect less from the cables that connect it all? With Monster Studio Pro 2000 Microphone Cables, you instantly raise the audio standard for your entire system. For starters, these cables feature Monster's patented Time Correct windings, a network of variable gauge copper wire, each isolated by a MicroFiber dielectric coating. This is part of Monster's Bandwidth Balancing design, which ensures a flat and uncolored frequency response in each Studio Pro 2000 Microphone Cable.


Tech Specs

  • Connector 1: XLR Female
  • Connector 2: XLR Male
  • Length: 5'
  • Balanced: Yes