Mapex Mars Birch 22'' 5pc Crossover Drum Kit, - Sunflower Sparkle

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The Mapex Mars Birch 22" 5pc Crossover shell pack is the perfect bundle for any rock drummer. This set includes a quality Mars Birch shell crossover kit and a full 5-piece Mapex hardware set. The crossover range from Mapex is a one-up two down configuration, meaning that there is one rack tom and two-floor toms. The rack tom attaches to a cymbal stand with a tom arm clamp. The single rack tom allows for closer positioning and easier access to your ride cymbals (cymbal not included in the shell pack). This crossover kit also features an undrilled bass drum, providing a boomy bass drum tone and ensuring no power is lost through unnecessary hardware.


As well as the rack tom and two-floor toms, a 22" bass drum and 14" snare drum are included in this pack. All the drums have Remo drumheads for the best quality drum sound. This shell pack is made of birch, providing loud and cutting tones with a balance of highs and mids. The low-contact bass drum claws allow for optimum sound with as little damping as possible. The included SONIClear bearing edges and SONIClear tom suspension are specially designed for Mapex drums and engineered to provide clear sound. Complete with a stunning Sunflower Sparkle finish, this kit looks as great as it sounds.


Please Note: Cymbals not included.



Tech Specs

  • Shells: Birch
  • Shell thickness: 6-ply, 7.2mm
  • Bearing Edge: SONIClear bearing edge
  • Finish: Sunflower Sparkle
  • Hardware Legs: Double-Braced
  • Hardware Feet: Slip-Proof Rubber
  • Product Code: MA528SF-YD-HW
  • Configuration

    • Bass drum: 22 x 18"
    • Rack tom: 8 x 12"
    • Floor tom 1: 14 x 12"
    • Floor tom 2: 16 x 14"
    • Snare drum: 14 x 6.5"