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All Pedal Devil's Triad-Essential Jeff Loomis Signature Pedal (Autographed)

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Introducing the Devil's Triad Essentials, our newest pedal designed in collaboration with Jeff Loomis. Built on the original Drive section of the now famous Devil's Triad, the “Essentials” provides you with one of the most versatile drive pedals ever created. We started with the same Drive circuit, which is already able to deliver a wide range of drive tones. To this we added an active three band EQ, tuned to the ideal frequencies for dialing in the best match for your particular amp or emulator. We then finished off the design with an all new integrated Boost section. Now you not only have the ability to boost the output signal coming from the Drive section, but you can also boost the gain of the Drive itself. In addition, both of these Boost controls have a small area of cut available in the minimum settings. This means you have the ability to preset Post volume cut or boost, and Pre cut or boost. It sounds amazing on it's own, or when used to shape the drive tones of your favorite amp. The Devil's Triad Essentials aims to be your essential tone shaping tool.



Tech Specs

Size: 4.7" x 2.6" (121mm x 66mm)

Power: 9V Power Jack (No battery connector inside)

Power Draw: 37mA

True Bypass