Tone Finger-Ease String Lubricant Spray

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You Make Your Living with Your Fingers, So Protect 'em!

Stop "string talk" dead in its tracks! Since 1963, Tone Finger-ease has been making sure fretboards all over the world have been smooth and slick. You want a frictionless fretboard, after all, your performance should be the only thing blistering, not your fingertips! This string spray allows for much smoother guitar playing, letting your fingers glide without friction along the strings. Cuts down on cuts, scrapes and sore fingertips - not to mention fudged notes or lines. Best of all, Finger-Ease does all this without mucking up or damaging your strings or fretboard.

Tone Finger-ease Guitar String Lubricant at a Glance:

  • Great for all types of strings
  • Safe for your guitar
  • Benefits for your hands