Suhr Hombre 18 Watt 1x12 Combo Amp

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The Hombre is Suhr’s take on the classic Brownface tones that inspired John Suhr since his early days as a guitarist. The purity of the signal path is part of Hombre’s beauty. It results in a playing experience that is incredibly dynamic and touch-sensitive. Clean tones are gorgeous and bell-like, but make no mistake, this amp is a dirty little combo. It wants to be pushed into sweet overdrive, conjuring tones from the 1970s era of Texas blues-rock. The Dynamic Tube Bias tremolo imparts an unmistakably rich, sought after sound that simply can’t be imitated. Hombre features a lightweight cabinet loaded with a 12″ Celestion V-Type speaker.


Channels:  Dual
Output:  18 Watts
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes:  2 x 6V6

Rectifier: 5AR4
Front Controls:  Volume, Tone (Normal). Volume, Tone (Bright). Speed, Intensity (Tremolo)
Back Panel:  Mains Input Inlet, Mains Fuse, H.T. Fuse, (8Ω) External Speaker Output, On/ Off Switch and Footswitch Jack.
Dimensions: 20.8" (W) x 9.52" (D) x 18.1" (H)
Weight: 33 lbs.

Accessories: Cover included!