Shubb C1 Standard Capo for Steel String Guitar - Polished Nickel

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A Capo with Rock-solid Intonation

The Shubb C1 Standard capo won't mess with your tuning or intonation, allowing for fast attachment between songs with no break in your musical flow. This capo’s patented over-center locking action ensures smooth operation and unrivaled ease of use. Its soft rubber pad works like a fingertip, while its closing action is engineered like your hand, so the capo doesn’t pull your guitar’s strings off center — no retuning necessary. Its innovative roller design ensures smooth action and reduced wear for long-term reliability. Small, stylish, and unobtrusive, the Shubb C1 is tailor-made for acoustic and electric steel-string guitars.


Tech Specs

  • Made For:Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
  • Color:Nickel
  • Material:Brass with Nickel plating
  • Radius:Curved