Pigtronix Universal Remote Triple Foot Switch

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This passive foot controller features three momentary footswitches, each with unique functions, that let you explore the full sonic range of your next-gen stomps — hands-free! The Pigtronix Universal Remote connects to your pedal using a standard 1/4-inch TRS cable. The left footswitch shorts the Tip to Sleeve; the right footswitch shorts the Ring to Sleeve. And the center footswitch simultaneously shorts both the Tip and Ring to Sleeve. Using these, you can uncover all-new utility in your well-worn digital stomp effects. Like all Pigtronix effects and accessories, the Universal Remote's construction is bulletproof. A tour-grade brushed aluminum housing and laser-etched graphics give this footswitch the durability and optics to earn a permanent spot on your pedalboard.



Tech Specs

  • Type: Passive Universal Footswitch
  • Number of Footswitch Buttons: 3 x Momentary Switches
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" TRS
  • Compatibility: Digital FX Pedals
  • Manufacturer Part Number: URS