Kyser Electric Guitar Quick-Change Capo

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Simple and Effective Capo!


Based on their industry-standard Quick-Change acoustic model, Kyser's Quick-Change electric guitar capo delivers the firm grip and consistent performance you demand, only with the contour and tension appropriate for a typical electric guitar. One of the things guitarists really like about both Kyser Quick-Change models (in addition to their easy, single-hand operation) is how tough these capos are. Made from solid machined aluminum and quality components, this brilliantly simple capo may be the last capo you buy.


Kyser Quick-Change Electric Guitar Capo Features:

  • Low-profile capo based on the original Kyser Quick-Change
  • Perfect contour and tension for electric guitar
  • Solid aluminum construction makes it lightweight and super-tough
  • Easy to operate with 1 hand
  • Built to last you a lifetime