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Franklin Chocolate American Bison Leather 2.5 " Guitar Strap with Honey Suede Backing

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Part of the Franklin brand ethos is bringing high-quality materials to the everyday musician. Bison is our latest foray into new, distinct, and intriguing leathers. These American Bison straps are incredibly robust, offering a luxurious rawhide counterbalance to our signature soft pebbled Franklin Glove Leather.

Organically tanned, and not stretched in the same manner as cowhide, Bison leather is generally 35-40% stronger than its bovine cousin, offering a rugged, yet elegant look. These Chocolate American Bison straps are reminiscent of a sturdy pair of boots, fit for a hard day’s work. The worn nature of this leather offers a unique patina, meaning that each individual strap will have its own distinct aged aesthetic. Backed in our signature supple, deep knapp honey suede, to ensure that the strap stays in place on your shoulder, while offering maximum comfort, our American Bison strap offers the same blend of beauty and functionality that musicians of every type expect out of a Franklin Strap. Whether a natural-finish acoustic or your favorite tobacco burst electric, this American Bison is sure to be a winning combination.


2.5” wide Chocolate American Bison with Honey Suede Backing and Natural Stitching