DW Performance Series Snare Drum - 6.5 x 14 inch - Pewter Sparkle Finish Ply

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Whether you're craving a matching snare for your Performance Series shell pack or a quality maple snare at an unassuming price, you can't go wrong with the DW Performance Series snare drum. Its 10-ply HVX maple shell is crisp, sensitive, and cutting, capable of delivering powerful backbeats to your audience or into a microphone. Triple-flanged steel hoops pack a hearty rimshot and a deep pocket. Unique to the Performance Series are DW's low-profile Quarter Turret lugs and a range of specialty wrap, lacquer, and satin finishes.



Tech Specs

  • Type: Snare
  • Drum Depth: 6.5"
  • Drum Diameter: 14"
  • Shell Material: North American Maple HVX
  • Shell Construction: 10-ply
  • Hoops: 3.0mm Triple-flanged
  • Lugs: 10 x Quarter Turret Lugs
  • Color: White Marine
  • Finish: FinishPly
  • Heads: DW by Remo USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DRPF6514SSWM