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All Pedal Devil's Triad Jeff Loomis Signature Pedal

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The All Pedal Devil's Triad is a new multi-effect stompbox created for metal players built in collaboration with Jeff Loomis of bands Nevermore and Arch Enemy. Its circuit comprises footswitchable overdrive, boost and a reverb/delay effects within a single box roughly the size of two compact pedals.

Designed to be Loomis’ “all-in-one pedal for live and in-studio purposes,” the Devils Triad does in fact cover a lot of ground, being able to deliver several types of distortion (from smooth crunch to very high-gain tones) through the interaction of the Boost and the op-amp Drive circuit, plus a useful Tone knob that facilitates sculpting and tone fine-tuning.

The Reverb/Delay section of the pedal is digital but retains the analog dry signal) and allows to edit both effects with three knobs each: the Reverb has its own level, tone, and decay controls, while the Delay has its own volume, feedback, and speed settings. The footswitch turns them both on or off.